Dan Kennedy – 7-Figure Academy

Quick Overview

During this 3-Day Event, Dan S. Kennedy gave frank, candid, direct, in-depth direction for achieving a 7-figure income, disclosing the methods he used for himself (and coached many others in doing the same) to build a 7-Figure Income from zero.

A whole lot of folks are still in “time out” waiting for the economy to “get better” and “return to normal”—Which is why there is no better time to leap way, way, way up than when most aren’t even seriously trying. If you are dead serious about creating a consistent 7-figure income…if you have drive and ambition to do what it takes to create the life of your dreams, there’s no reason you can’t use Dan’s behavioral and business practices roadmaps to climb and reach the top rungs of the economic ladder and join the 7-Figure Club.

  • Don’t Just Increase Your Income, Multiply It!
  • Grow A 7-Figure Income at the Maximum Speed Possible
  • Wipe Out Personal Resistance That Keeps You From a 7-Figure Income

Details of The Seven Steps To Seven Figures

Find out why what produces 6-Figures sabotages 7-Figures and how to fundamentally change through Dan’s seven-step process. You’ll learn how money makes its way into your hands and what you must do to transform your business from a six-figure business to a 7-figure one. Includes dozens of income multipliers and how to use them, dramatically different strategies, and real-life examples, including Dan’s own story, on how it’s done.

Method For Elevating Your Status

Make a fortune just by elevating your status. Dan gives you several real-life examples and shows how this is in large part the secret to being able to charge large fees with little or no resistance.
Strategies For Accelerating Your Path To Seven Figures

Discover the prime pathways to maximum possible speed in reaching 7-Figures through Dan’s in-depth discussions on such strategies as OPC (other peoples’ customers) and the 9 Synergistic multiple income sources. Plus how speed strategies relate to a 7-Figure Income and how to commit to and leverage them.
Tactics For Breaking Through Barriers Stopping You From a Seven-Figure Income

Learn how to identify and finally erase the true barriers that stands between you and a 7-figure income. Discover Dan’s process centered around a critical question that forces the confrontation of your internally manufactured personal resistance.
Everything Participants Received At The Seven-Figure Academy

Get everything you need to implement Dan’s SEVEN STEPS. You’ll not only hear Dan’s presentations from the 3-days in a set of audio CD’s, you’ll receive the same big package of take-home resources including Dan’s overheads, notes, and examples that the original Academy attendees received… plus an edited, written transcript of the recordings.

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