“This method has been used by everyone from Jesus Christ to create history’s biggest & most influential religion… to celebrities like Donald Trump to become President… to even the United States government to melt their servers during a routine public service campaign.

“Now you can use it in your business, too — no matter what kind of product or service you sell, and without forking over the $5,000.00 plus expenses Agora Financial did to fly me in and teach it to their world-class marketing team.”


Shows businesses a secret

marketing method that makes

customers love & look forward to

buying your products and services

Dear Friend,

If you want to know how even raw, “fresh off the turnip truck” business, marketing, and copywriting newbies can outsell practically anyone they compete against, with your customers and clients potentially even looking forward to you selling to them… then this letter will show you how.

Here’s the story:

A few years ago, the prestigious Agora Financial flew me in to their Baltimore offices to teach some of my sneaky ways to outsell my competition online. Agora does nearly half a billion in sales each year. They also hire the absolute best copywriters in the world, pay for millions of dollars in market testing & analysis each year, and are in one of the world’s single most competitive and “cut throat” industries.

Anyway, one of the things I taught their copywriters and editors was:



The 21 most profitable ways I’ve used to combine information with entertainment (what “infotainment” means) to collectively help generate tens of millions of dollars in sales between my own business and back when I did client work. Here are just a few of the secrets I taught that day, that the Agora Copy Chief who flew me in said had a part in growing their already massive company 4x:

  • The spooky persuasion technique used by Old Testament prophets to sell even their worst enemies (including pagan priests!) on changing their religions. Page 28
  • The court jester’s guide to getting away with being obnoxiously politically incorrect in your marketing. (This secret saved many a court jester’s life back in the days of blood-thirsty kings, emperors, and rulers. Not only is it extremely persuasive… but people love when you do it, too — even if they disagree with whatever you’re saying.) Page 37
  • How the late marketing genius Gary Halbert kept peoples’ eyes glued to his ads — even when there was zero content, value, or anything but a blatant sales pitch. (This technique was also used brilliantly in a popular 1990’s Van Halen music video, too, which helped win it multiple awards.) Pages 41-42
  • The “wet dream” secret of creating emails, ads, podcasts, articles, and other marketing documents people almost can’t forget… and that they may sometimes even love buying from. Page 39
  • A little-talked about way to use hardcore rage and anger to get your list to quickly trust you and feel safe buying from you. Page 43
  • How to make even blatant sales pitches fascinating for people to read. (The late, great copywriter Gene Schwartz did this, and it was also brilliantly used by the TV shows “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Smallville” to boost their ratings — here’s how you can use it to grow your business, too.) Page 30
  • A secret way of using typos to get even “fire breathing” grammar nazis eagerly buying from you! Pages 25-26
  • An honest, no-bull crap way to use infotainment to potentially make a fortune… even if you don’t know what you’re talking about! (I’m not saying you should become a fraud… but certain authors have made millions by being completely wrong about what they teach by using this secret — just imagine the impact it can have when you legitimately do know what you’re talking about…) Pages 20-21
  • How to “flip” haters into raving fans and buyers. (Marvel Comics accidentally discovered this in the late 80’s, and it works almost like magic for keeping audiences coming back for more of your business’s marketing pitches. Bonus benefit: It can also sometimes create the best customers you’ll ever have the pleasure of dealing with.) Page 42
  • When you can “get away” with using profanity in your ads, emails, blogs, videos, podcasts, and any other marketing channel you use in your business — and exactly how often you should do it for maximum impact. (The great General Patton did this to save soldiers from dying, and it can also potentially save a lot of dying sales, too… if you do it right, and if it makes sense with your brand and personality. Details on page 26.)
  • A totally unorthodox way to increase your sales by giving away less value. (One high-rated ESPN talk show host blew away everyone in his time slot doing this — here’s how you can wield this method to get people scrambling over themselves to buy from your business, too.) Page 19
  • How to use infotainment to transform dull and boring content into riveting “must have” products people almost can’t buy fast enough. (This method made one of my clients so much money during the first day of a product launch, he sent everyone home early. Here’s how to use this in your business’s ads, emails, podcasts, or in any other medium you sell with.) Page 33
  • How Sam Raimi’s movie “Spiderman 2” reveals everything you need to know about standing out in any market, with any product — regardless of your marketing or advertising experience now. Page 24
  • A disturbing fact: At least 25% of American women are on anti-depressants — here’s how to (ethically) use this news to increase your business’s sales (whether you sell to men or women). Page 28
  • A quick “crash course” in how people are hardwired to be persuaded. (I learned this while taking a memory training course in college. And it’s used by everything from ancient religious texts… to blood-thirsty propaganda machines… to eccentric bestselling authors to naturally crawl inside someone’s psychology, and persuade them to sometimes do almost whatever you want — including buy your business’s products or services.) Page 25
  • A simple strategy used by Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, and other cable news channels that can make your business far more sales while doing far less work. Page 22
  • How people with boring personalities can legally & ethically “lift” the hard work of other writers with more natural wit and charisma. Pages 29-30
  • The best part of magazines and newspapers to swipe copy from. (And nope, it ain’t the advertisements, classifieds, covers, or headlines.) Page 30
  • How your high falutin’ expert status is probably burgling your business out of thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars in sales each year. Page 20
  • “magic bullet” way to profit from the 50 Shades of Gray books — regardless of what your business sells or who you sell to. Pages 32-33
  • A secret used by Facebook that can get even people with fruit fly-level attention spans almost hopelessly engaged with your content. (Do this right and your leads, readers, and audience have almost no choice but to drop what they’re doing and pay attention to what you’re selling.) Pages 46-47
  • How investment celebrities, political pundits, and the army of TV psychics popping up make out like bandits year after year… even when they’re always wrong! (And how to use their quirky little secret to make more sales in your own business.) Page 36
  • How to give your product nearly “skeptic proof” credibility even if you’re brand spanking new to business now, and nobody knows who you are. Page 34
  • How to take the “sting” out of getting a speeding ticket (and other so-called “bad” things that happen to you) by turning it into cash-in-the-bank sales for your business. Page 39
  • A clever (and very sneaky) way to make more sales in your business by telling people NOT to buy from you. Page 19
  • How to profit from erectile dysfunction and other embarrassing things in your marketing. Page 49
  • And the list goes on…


I’ve used these infotainment secrets to win in hyper competitive markets like weight loss, golf, biz opp, self-defense, internet marketing, and MLM. (I wrote one ad in the MLM space that was a control for almost 10 years before they retired the product, and it heavily used the ideas in this training.) These secrets are also used by the billion dollar talk radio, cable TV, and comicbook industries… as well as the world’s highest-paid professional speakers (like, for example, Tony Robbins, who even said we ain’t in the information age, we’re in the “entertainment age”)… best-selling authors… major religions (believe it or not, Christianity was created almost entirely using infotainment)… world-class comedians… history’s most famous (and infamous) politicians… and, sometimes, even by the government. For example, the US government once used it in a routine public service campaign that crashed their servers, and I even saw a local police station use it to effectively teach against drunk driving.

Anyway, here’s the rub:

Agora Financial paid me $5k to teach my infotainment methodology.

(Plus flight, hotel, and other expenses. )

They also transcribed it, too. And, that transcription is now part of a shamelessly “pricey” new book I have just published called:

“Infotainment Jackpot”

But, why do I say my transcribed talk is only “part” of the book?

Because there are many more lessons I’ve added to my methodology over the years… that dig even deeper into profiting from infotainment… that are also featured inside. These include selected articles about infotainment from my $97.00/month “Email Players” newsletter, interviews I’ve done about infotainment, and 80 pages packed with real life examples, exhibits, and swipe file-material showing infotainment “in action” for various businesses, and in multiple different kinds of marketing media. These “directors cut” extras reveal many more ways than what I taught Agora Financial for

jacking up your sales, blowing right past your competition, and creating life-long loyal fans — not just “customers”, but fans — designed to get them to love hearing from you, refer other people abundantly to you…

And Literally Look Forward

To Buying From You!

Here are a few examples of these extra ways inside:

  • How to use the diabolical “social sin” of cultural appropriation to capture even the most stubbornly low attention spans! (I should warn you though — doing this will likely rattle a few tightly-wound do-gooders looking for something to shriek about. But, I have found the extra sales that can result make it more than worth it, especially since I also show you in the book how to profit from complaints, anyway.) Page 76
  • How to (tastefully & in a G-rated way) use the infamous “hung like a horse” story-telling method to get readership, engagement, and attention even from people who ordinarily would ignore your marketing! (Believe it or not, one of the most respected marketing minds who ever lived used this to sell a $26,000 offer. And don’t worry — it only sounds “naughty.” In practice it’s quite low key. Details on page 251.)
  • How the best standup comedians — like Bill Burr, for example — “tap” into their audience’s brain chemistry to get them literally addicted to hearing their jokes… and how to use this phenomenon to make more sales in your business to make more sales. Page 183
  • The “cocaine in your prostate” secret for jolting people out of being bored and complacent, and carefully and eagerly reading your offers. Page 283
  • A swipe file of words that can almost instantly — with but a few key strokes — make your marketing more entertaining, fun to read, and, yes, profitable. Page 138
  • How to have a personal brand so strong people are almost irrationally drawn and loyal to. (This secret has been used by everyone from hated institutions like big pharma, big government, big media, and big oil… to politicians like Ronald Reagan, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Obama, and Donald Trump… to iconoclasts like Jesus Christ, and more.) Page 126
  • A near-perfect business model for coaches that lets you potentially up-sell hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars worth of your services — 100% naturally, and without pressure or hard selling. Page 112
  • The “nuclear option” topic — used by one of the top public speakers on the planet — that is virtually impossible to ignore when you use it in your marketing and advertising! (If you’re ever worried about getting someone’s attention — in an email, on social media, during a speech, or in any of your other marketing and selling efforts… simply talk about this and watch what happens.) Pages 74-75
  • 2 real-life examples of how to use infotainment to “flip” hate mail and slander against your business into potentially thousands — even tens of thousands — of dollars in extra sales. Pages 287-294
  • The single best way ever invented for getting the maximum number of donations at a charity dinner. (Nothing to do with infotainment, but it was used by one of the greatest masters of direct marketing who ever lived, and may come in handy for you someday. See Page 121.)
  • A secret kind of sentence you can put at the beginning of nearly any text content or advertising you create that can drive your message deeper into your reader’s psychology, as well as make the experience of doing business with you more fun. Pages 225-228
  • A shortcut way of creating credibility and charisma that’s so powerful people might believe you even if you’re full of crap! (This is NOT a license to be a fraud — but, this is how many a fraud gets away with their evil deeds. Use it for your legitimate business and it can potentially transform your sales almost overnight. Page 125.)
  • A special kind of joke you can make in your advertising that (1) can light up the human neurology like a pinball machine and (2) can help make sales even to people who ordinarily would not want to buy your offers. Page 75
  • How one of the NRA’s #1 concealed carry instructors uses infotainment to keep his students glued to their seats for 6+ hours straight (not even wanting to go to the bathroom!) while up-selling, cross-selling, and down-selling to the point where nearly everyone in the room ends up buying a book, target shooting lessons, or some other offer before leaving.

Let’s take a short rest and talk more about this.

When you get your copy of “Infotainment Jackpot”, turn immediately to page 108 and learn what I have personally found to be some of the very best lessons on infotainment ever invented — from one of the top educator/entertainers on the planet. In fact, during his class you could see how viscerally annoyed each person was when it was their turn to have to leave the room to get their fingerprints taken, not wanting to miss a single second of his magnetically infotaining teachings. I learned some of the highest-level infotainment you can get from observing him. And unless you live near Coos Bay, OR (where his classes are) to learn directly from him, or happen to possess the “Email Players” back issue I first wrote about these secrets in, then…

Reading This Book Is Probably

The Only Chance You’ll Ever Have

To Learn His Fiendishly Clever & Infotaining Ways!

Here’s what else you will read about in this book:

  • How Earl Nightingale used blatant shaming and mockery to become one the 20th century’s most famous and well-known success gurus. (Anyone who tells you shaming doesn’t work in marketing simply hasn’t been paying attention and is probably hopelessly hung up on the word “shaming” — it not only works when done correctly, but it is one of the single most reliable ways to sell more products ever invented. See Page 261.)
  • How to interview people for your podcasts or products that makes your content so fascinating people almost can’t stop listening… even if they want to! (If you do podcasts with interviews or create products based on interviews, just do this trick I learned from one of the world’s first podcasters… and your information can be as much as ten times more valuable, interesting, and likely to be consumed & acted on.) Page 174
  • The exact best attitude to have in your marketing & advertising that can significantly cut down on — and possibly even eliminate it altogether — buyers resistance… even in complete strangers. Page 122
  • How one of the greatest living copywriters of our day used “tabloid” headlines to sell tens of millions of dollars worth of products to markets full of serious and uptight customers. (I used this method in the prostate niche and it worked like crazy. And, in fact, I have found this infotainment secret not only works on the stuffy, scowling, “all business” types… but it can work even better on them than everyone else! See page 280.)
  • How one of the most-recognized authors on the planet makes ordinary, boring, and routine information so fascinating… people can’t stop consuming his books and products. (Fact is, he doesn’t teach anything different or unique or that a thousand other authors in his niche don’t already teach… the difference is, he uses the powerful infotainment tip on page 257, while 99% of his forgettable competitors don’t.)
  • An intense case study in how one of the biggest non-denominational churches in the world used infotainment (combined with some other smart marketing methods) to get in front of tens of millions of people each day, and generate millions in donations… all from a converted roller rink in the armpit of the South! (I based a lot of my own business model on what they did, and it works like gangbusters. Fun begins on page 116.)
  • A quick “touch up” you can do to all your book covers that can instantly make your business’s brand stand out head and shoulders from your competition. Page 259
  • The weird (but highly effective) infotainment secret Jesus Christ used — either on purpose or on accident, I am not sure — to get people to tell all their friends, family, and community about Him. Page 125
  • A dignified way of using stone cold cruelty to open up your customers’ minds to wanting to read your advertising. Page 71
  • How to “dress up” ordinarily boring editorial content in a way that gets far more attention, has far more impact, and can make you far more likely to be listened to. Pages 266-268
  • A clever way to create an almost pathologically strong bond with your customers and clients — with them working hard to want to stay in your “world” and not be cast out, and maybe even terrified of not being able to buy from you. (Doing this can turn the entire buying experience on its head — where your customers seek your approval, instead of the other way around. See page 112.)
  • The totally unsettling Hollywood secret behind why describing someone in agonizing pain in your marketing can nab you more sales. Page 187
  • An example of how to use biting sarcasm to make people feel almost stupid for buying from your competition… while potentially seeing you as the only other obvious choice to buy from. Pages 72-73
  • The hair-raising secret to inspiring fierce loyalty in your audience, customer list, and marketplace! (This admittedly takes a lot of balls and courage… but it’s how certain illegitimate cult leaders and legitimate business leaders command such undying loyalty from their fans and followers. Pages 123-124
  • An uncanny way to nab marketplace attention (and sales) that is so powerful… it crashed an office of the US government’s server during a routine public service campaign! Page 295
  • A point-by-point “break down” of one of the most rabidly addictive business Facebook groups that’s probably ever existed.

True story:

I ran one of the single most engaged Facebook groups in the marketing niche for a solid year before I shut it down for my own sanity. The group was almost like its own “world” within the Facebook platform… with so many controversial comments and posts going on, people couldn’t distinguish their main timeline from the group timeline — including posting personal and potentially embarrassing things publicly, because they thought they were posting in my group. There were a lot of infotainment-related lessons in the experience that, frankly…

Can Make Even The Most Boring Business

Immediately More Interesting,

More Exciting, And More Sexy

To Even The Most Hard-To-Please Leads Or Customers!

That’s why I decided to include this training I did in one of my “Email Players” issues, about how to create a fun & exciting “world” around your business using Facebook groups — with your customers and leads being “characters” in your own Dungeons & Dragons-like campaign, completely engrossed with everything you post, and sometimes almost not being able to wait to buy from you… all without you having to give any “value” whatsoever. (In fact, I even had a specific “No-Value” rule inside!) Using a group like this is a practically unheard of aspect of infotainment that can potentially grow your audience, your business, your brand, and your sales well past what you now think is possible.

You can read all about it starting on page 156.

There are many more secrets inside this book, but I think you get the idea.

Here is the deal:

“Infotainment Jackpot” is a 312-page book (with no pdf, video, audio, or digital components available) that costs $391.00 — with free shipping worldwide.

But, before buying it, realize:

There Are No Refunds

And All Sales Are Final.

I don’t cater to business people who need a guarantee to make decisions.

If that’s a problem, simply don’t buy it, and it’s all good.

Still, if you are merely a bit skeptical and want some “reassurance” the information inside this book is everything I say and more… here’s what Joseph Schriefer (the Agora Copy Chief who hired me to teach infotainment to his prestigious copywriters and editors) said about the part in the book I taught his staff when I checked in with him a few years later:

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