Step Into Your Power CD

Imagine tuning up your imagination, turning on your genius,
and experiencing the inner enthusiasm and motivation to tackle your
most demanding challenges. When you listen to these songs, you’ll gain
new perspectives and maintain a positive outlook. Clarity about your
life will emerge, so creating and implementing effective plans becomes
your second nature.
Paul Hoffman’s empowering lyrics are filled with the wisdom
of leading human potential thought experts. The messages within the
music will become your way of thinking as you go after your dreams and
succeed. You’ll find yourself wanting to start each day with these songs
which will move into action that creates your success.
So, let the musical magic of Step Into Your Power
catapult your life to a whole new level. It is a potent creation of
musical genius. In Step Into Your Power, you’ll discover more than
inspiration. Listen and let this life-transforming music:

Quote:Ignite your mental and emotional power to master your life
Uplift your spirit and connect to the genius within you
Release negative thinking as you reinforce your confidence
Feel empowered to be, do, and have more in life

You’ll tap abundant energy to attain success in a fun,
entertaining and enlightening way. So take the easy road on your journey
to abundant living and get your copy of Step Into Your Power.

It’s My Time
Do you have the courage to stand up and declare just who
you are? If you’re ready to leverage the power within you, this song is a
potent way to jump start each day. You can live more fully by
expressing your unique gifts. You’ll create your day and bring more joy,
happiness and success into every area of your life.

It’s My Time – was inspired by Janet and Chris Attwood
Open Up
Embrace your magnificence and celebrate your life as you
hear these powerful lyrics. Just take a look within to find the answers
you need. When you stop looking outside of yourself for your happiness
and begin to cultivate a relationship with yourself, you’ll be an
attractor of all your heart’s desires. Commit to your journey with the
conviction and certainty of knowing whatever you want you can have.
Open Up – was inspired by T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials
Find Yourself
You can get lost trying to find the answers to how you can
achieve success. It is easy to second guess yourself, give into the
whims of others, and buy into limiting beliefs of I can’t do it. When
you listen to this song you’ll have look at yourself in a whole new way.
You can take charge of your life and succeed when you find yourself.
[i]Find Yourself- was inspired by T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials
Breaking Through
When you feel that you can’t go on this song will work for
you. Even if you feel the cards are stacked against you or that there is
no way to reach your goal, it is possible. The universe is there to
support who your really are give you everything you want. Listen and get
the courage to break through any obstacle and step into your
Cracking The Code Of Life
You have an internal success code. When you unlock the
combination to this code, you can live the life you want. Move forward
and create your joy in your heart. Experience everything life has to
offer. Listen intently to this song to unlock your personal success code
and step you’re your abundance.

In It 2 Win It
Are you present now in this moment? The first success
strategy is to stay present and aware. When you play full out you’ll
increase your experience of winning. Let this song guide you to fulfill
all your aspirations as you discover you are designed to win.

In It 2 Win It- was inspired by Sarano Kelley
Life Is A Negotiation
Believe you deserve to have it all by believing in yourself.
Just know what you want. When you realize you can have everything you
need, you can negotiate for all the resources for success. Let this song
inspire you to believe all things are possible.
Be Right Or Be Rich
Do you allow yourself to be driven by your ego? Your
thoughts can align with your vision. Being right can keep you from
seeing the opportunities. Live aware of your higher self and be sure
you’ll experience the rich life.
Be Right Or Be Rich- was inspired by T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials
New Beginnings
Listen to this song and let go of your doubts and fears.
You’ll release unsupportive attitudes and beliefs as you connect to your
brilliant self. Set the intention to create a new beginning every day
and watch as your attention brings you everything necessary for an
amazing successful life.
New Beginnings – was inspired by T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials
You Are My Rhythm In Life
Get in sync with the rhythm of someone you care about. The
beat of your heart speaks to who you are and how you connect with
another. You can experience amazing relationships. Open up to the
eternal dance of life and begin to see your dreams come true because
others will cherish the gift of You.
You’re Unstoppable
You can be unstoppable in your desire to accomplish
anything you set your mind and heart to do. This song will empower you
to stop doubting yourself and quickly re-condition your mind to
understand that everything is possible. Listen to this song daily and
experience being unstoppable in every area of your life.
You’re Unstoppable- was inspired by Cynthia Kersey
Be Your Best
The best choice in life is to be your best. Life comes at
you from many angles, so when you meet it head on, you give it your best
shot. Get out of your own way and let go of limited thinking. Spread
your wings and fly. When you need a nudge you’ll be inspired to see the
truth of who you really are.
Be Your Best – was inspired byT. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials
I Make A Difference
Do you want to make a difference in life? When you know
there is a bigger picture, you can do amazing things. You can serve the
highest good by showing up to make a difference. This song will stretch
you to discover your powerful purpose in life.
I’m A Money Magnet
You can attract anything you want. You live in a universe
ready and willing to provide every resource you desire. The abundance
and prosperity you seek is actually seeking you. Imagine attracting the
money you desire and become a magnet for success.
I’m A Money Magnet – was inspired by T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials
I Am A Warrior
Act in spite of fear and do whatever it takes. Know you
have the strength accomplish your goals. Be a warrior and accept who you
are. Say yes to the opportunities along your journey. Be true to your
heart, stand in your power, and watch the good coming your way.
I Am A Warrior – was inspired by T. Harv Eker and Peak Potentials

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